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vikki atherton

Vikki is an Ayurvedic Yoga Massage (AYM) practitioner and Yoga teacher. Having practised yoga for over ten years, she decided to undertake her yoga teacher training in 2017, leaving a longstanding career in the frenetic corporate world behind her. Vikki has received yoga teaching qualifications in Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Yin yoga.

What can you expect from her classes?

Anything from slow flow to a fast paced & energising practice incorporating various mudra’s and pranayama (breath) techniques.

Yin classes are slow paced and a meditative style of yoga which targets connective tissues, fascia, ligaments and joints. The postures (asana’s) are held for 3-5 minues in this deep practice. Great for calming body and mind.

Vikki’s journey into AYM began when receiving her first treatment from Despina Psarra, therapist and AYM trainer. She discovered this eased not only her anxiety & trauma at that particular time but through the assisted stretches, mobilisations combined with yoga practice, also increased her endurance for marathon running and other sporting activities/movement.

Vikki loves all things yoga and massage related because as she puts it, simply “we never stop learning”. She has also recently completed further courses in anatomy & physiology, meditation and aromatherapy.

During the AYM treatment she uses natural oils and ground Acorus calamus root (a wetland plant in the sweetflag family). This assists with the elimination of toxins & helps improve circulation, warming up muscles & tissues to further enhance the benefits of this deep tissue massage. Using deep breath work to help relax the nervous system along with an intuitive and mindful touch, you will be assisted into passive yoga stretches to help lengthen tissues, relax tendons & ligaments.

If you’re dealing with anxiety, stress, pain or lack of focus/clarity, AYM is an amazing technique which will help you on physical, emotional, mental and energetic levels.

Vikki can offer 60, 90 or 120 minute sessions tailored for you.